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Please read over for troubleshooting and for answers to commonly asked questions.

Once a week it is highly recommended to restart firestick and clear cache.

Once a month it is highly recommended to reboot modem. To reboot modem, unplug for a minute or two then plug back in.

Clear Cache – You clear your cache by going to the home screen of Firestick, then go to Settings > Applications > Manage InstalledApplications > Acme Streamz then scroll down to clear cache.

Restart Device – you restart device by pressing home button, settings, my fire TV, restart and confirm restart. If it’s frozen, unplug from power and plug back in.

Saving to favorites – You must be in the Live TV Section to save to favorites. Select your channel and long hold the middle button until the drop down menu pops up. Select Add to Favorites. Now your channel will appear in the “Favorites” category in both Live TV and EPG sections.

How to Refresh Channels & Guide – To refresh channels click on Live TV > in upper right hand corner click on the 3 dots, then Refresh Channels, Movies and Series. After channels have refreshed click on Refresh TV Guide.

Buffering Issues – If you have buffering issues, reset your modem and clear your cache in the app. You clear your cache by going to the home screen of Firestick, then go to Settings > Applications > Manage InstalledApplications > Acme Streamz then scroll down to clear cache.

Sports & PPV – Many games, fights and shows have multiple channels assigned to them. If you are experiencing lagging or buffering, try a different channel. Sometimes new links for games are added throughout the day so a refresh of channels is needed. To refresh channels click on Live TV > in upper right hand corner click on the 3 dots, then Refresh Channels, Movies and Series.

Change Media Player – If you are trying to watch something and it isn’t playing correctly for you, change to VLC player. You do this when selecting channel, long press middle button and select play with VLC player (if you don’t have it, it’s a free download and the system will tell you). Live TV is better with default player but some use VLC for adjusting audio or for subtitles.

Audio Delay – When playing with VLC player and the words don’t match up with the lips click the menu button on the remote (button with 3 lines) it will bring a menu up on the screen, in the second row the second icon click on audio delay, you’ll see a plus and a minus sign on the right hand side of screen, click on the – until you get to -300 this will fix the issue with voice is not matching the lips.

Recording – When selecting channel, hold down middle button and start recording. Enter length of time to record. You need a device with enough storage and have to leave it on same channel.

Parental Controls – Parental controls are included in the app should you need them. on main page of app, click settings icon in upper right hand corner, then click Parental Controls.

Change time format in ACME Streamz – To change the time format, click settings icon in upper right hand corner, then click Time Format.

Set up 4k Firestick remote – To set up 4k firestick remote to control tv, press home button, settings, equipment control, manage installed equipment, TV, change TV and follow instructions.

Data cap on your internet -some internet providers put a cap on the amount of data you get each month. To avoid teaching the cap make sure to back out to the home screen of app when you turn tv off to stop streaming. Comcast gives you 2 months of going over before they start charging so just make sure to back out before turning off tv.

Changing screen size – If you screen has changed size chances are you have changed the aspect ratio. To fix, while a channel is on, click middle button, a menu will come up at bottom of screen, click on 2nd icon from the left and adjust picture size.

Performing Searches – You must be in a category to perform a search otherwise you will searching for a category. You CANT do a search for a show or movie in Live TV, only for a channel or station. I recommend….Click “All Channels” then click on magnifying glass in upper right had corner. This will bring up the keyboard, start typing in name of channel. You will see the channel list decrease behind the keyboard as you are typing. You don’t have to type the whole name in, just start typing. Click next and the channels with the letters you have typed will be in the menu.

Using voice search inside ACME Streamz app.
If you go into a section, LiveTV, the click the ALL category then click magnifying glass in right hand corner to search, once you get to keyboard screen, you can push the mic button on your remote and say your search versus having to select the letters.
Select the channel you want and Enjoy!

Closed captioning – Here’s how to use closed captioning on an amazon fire device . If the show you want doesn’t have it on default player, back out of it, do a long press and chose VLC Player. Once the program starts press down. A menu pops up. Press left till the ‘chat balloon’ is highlighted. Then press the middle button. A menu pop will up. Click subtitles. Then click closed caption 1. Not all shows have closed captioning but if they do, this is how you get closed captioning to work.

Local Channels – All local channels are linked to the major networks under USA Entertainment. If you are watching a local ABC channel and it isn’t working, switch to ABC under USA entertainment.

Low BW Channels – Many channels and sporting events have Low BW Options for when your internet is slower then normal. These channels do not require as much speed. If you have an issue try Low Bw if available, which is listed in guide under regular channel.

Guide says No EPG available – try refreshing channels, select a category, click menus button on remote (button with 3 lines next to home button) and click refresh channels. If that doesn’t work, try deleting a favorite and adding again, if that doesn’t work clear data.

Clear Data – If you lose favorites or screen size is changing or if you are being taken back to a smaller screen or category. You may need to clear data. Use as last resort as you will have to put username and password and save you favorites again. Home button, settings, applications, manage installed apps, ACME Streamz, clear data.

Settings – set defaults in ACME Streamz app by clicking on settings icon in upper right hand corner on Live Tv, movies series screen. Player settings should be set to hardware decoder, time format you can change to 12 hour and under general settings uncheck active subtitles if you don’t want subtitles. Make sure to save changes of each setting you change.

Wrong time showing on Device – home button, settings, preferences, time zone and adjust.

VPN (Virtual Private Network – only use VPN if your internet provider is throttling or congested. A VPN is very helpful at that time but is NOT needed all the time. If you are still have issues try changing the city your VPN chose.

Analiti -install Analiti app to test internet speed. To install, click home button, magnifying glass in upper left hand corner, type in Analiti, chose from list, click and install.

Deregister device to sign in with your Amazon account – click home button, settings, account, deregister, confirm deregister. Sign in with your amazon account. On home screen on firestick, long press middle button, click apps, then click ACME Streamz. You will not lose ACME Streamz if you deregister and sign in with your account.

DO NOT RESET FIRESTICK – you will lose everything and have to reinstall all apps!